Oil is arguably the most important component in your engine, without it the engine would get so hot that it would seize up and cost you all kinds of money. So, it’s very good idea to know how much oil is in your engine; and what is in it as well. But what should you use? Synthetic or conventional motor oil.

The first thing you need to know about synthetic oil is that it is artificially made in a lab out of chemically modified petroleum products and not crude oil like conventional motor oil. Which could mean there would be less chance of polluting the earth during an oil change.

There are some advantages of using synthetic oil like better low and high-temperature viscosity performance, better lubrication during extremely cold weather starts and increased horsepower due to less initial drag.

Most newer cars come with synthetic oil from the factory, and should not be mixed with conventional oil. If you're not sure what is in your engine, then stop by Mills Motor Inc. in the heart of beautiful Baxter, MN.

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