It’s already consistently snowing in some parts of the United States, mainly in the north. Although we don’t live as far north as Canada, which would leave us subject to extreme cold and wintry weather, we should treat driving with the same level of caution as if we did, in fact, have to trudge through mounds of snow just to get out of our driveways.

A popular material to use in the United States is Kitty Litter, as it’s relatively safe because of its clay composition. Simply add it under wheels that are spinning in the snow. Scoop out snow or other wintry debris out of the way, instead replacing mother nature’s gift to North America with the kitty litter. This will help you get traction.

Don’t use litter in your driveway, as it will get mushy over time. Do use salt and sand, or either one.

Do, in fact, call us at Mills Motor Inc. in Baxter with winter help requests.
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