During the winter, it is important to consider changing out your regular windshield wipers for what are called "winter blades."

Although quite similar, winter blades have some key characteristics that make them more suitable for the winter conditions. Unlike traditional blades, winter blades have a thick, rubber covering around the framework. The reason behind this is to prevent the buildup of slush and snow, as well as prevent the framework from freezing. When the framework on regular wiper blades freezes or becomes clogged up, it prevents the blades from flexing or taking the shape of your windshield. In result, streaks may be left on the windshield, leaving drivers with a less clear vision.

Winter blades do a great job of preventing this, and can be purchased from Mills Motor Inc. They can also help you to de-ice your windshield, which you should not attempt to do with regular wiper blades.
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